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The Media Narrative


The Media Narrative podcast features interviews with media makers and influencers who are leading the public conversation on a range of subjects. You'll learn about how these innovators accomplish their work and how they see the world.

updated: 5 years ago

podcast : 36 | Jordan Rich : August 3, 2019

A legendary Boston voice talks about his years of hosting an overnight talk show on WBZ-AM, how podcasting flowed naturally out of his radio work, and his approach to interviewing.

podcast : 35 | Pod in the Summertime : July 26, 2019

The host of the show asks for listener feedback, with some specific questions, provides some newsworthy updates on two past guests, and hints at upcoming episodes, one related to the wide world of voice, and one related to Woodstock.

podcast : 34 | Susan Rogers : June 20, 2019

The engineer behind great music by Prince, David Byrne, Laurie Anderson, the Jacksons, and many others talks about going from recording studios to science labs and then the college classroom, all in pursuit of producing, hearing, and understanding music that affects and endures.

podcast : 33 | Joia Mukherjee : May 23, 2019

Doctor, activist, and global health warrior Joia Mukherjee has worked tirelessly for decades to address lack of access to healthcare around the world. Chief medical officer at Partners in Health, Dr. Mukherjee talks about the ways that social forces and a lack of on-target media coverage worsen the problem.

podcast : 32 | Marcella Bombardieri : April 30, 2019

Improving the financial climate around higher education is the goal of this journalist-turned-policy analyst at a progressive think tank.

podcast : 31 | Van Morrison Revisited : April 12, 2019

Meet three of the musicians who accompanied Van Morrison on the stage and in the studio in 1968, when Morrison was working on the songs that would appear on his classic second solo album, Astral Weeks.

podcast : 30 | Brian Coleman : March 22, 2019

Author, journalist, and historian Brian Coleman talks about his newest book, a curated collection of ads from Boston of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. After three books on hip-hop, Coleman turned his attention to the history of his adopted hometown.

podcast : 29 | Liz Linder : February 22, 2019

Photographer Liz Linder is also a gifted storyteller, entrepreneur, and deep thinker. During a conversation in her studio, she talks about her approach to portraits, documentary, and the balance between art and commercial work; and provides career advice to aspiring photographers.

podcast : 28 | Growing Up on Radio : February 11, 2019

Your host, having just taken over a new radio show, reflects back on a career of stumbles and steps on the way to finding a voice, literal and metaphorical, while working on the broadcast airwaves.

podcast : 27 | Duke Levine : January 25, 2019

This episode features a conversation with guitar great Duke Levine, who's played with Peter Wolf, Rosanne Cash, Aimee Mann, and countless others. He also had his guitar out and played it several times during the interview, demonstrating his work, approach, and inspirations.

podcast : 26 | New Orleans Travel Tips : January 18, 2019

Who needs those travel guide books when you have great podcasts providing excellent travel advice? On a trip last week to New Orleans, your host relied heavily on an episode of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast, then made his own NOLA travel pod, by accident.

podcast : 25 | José Massó : January 11, 2019

Boston radio legend Jose Masso talks about fusing music curation with social issues, a dialogue with prisoners, and why he believes Puerto Rico should be independent.