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26 | New Orleans Travel Tips

26 nbspNew Orleans Travel Tips

Chris Christy's Band at the Spotted Cat | (R.Hochschild)

There's no need to carry around those travel guide books anymore. Yes, they are packed with great information, but these days podcasts providing travel advice can be a great help to first-time travelers. On a trip last week to New Orleans, I relied heavily on an episode of the Beyond Bourbon Street podcast, hosted by Mark Bologna. It was an incredibly helpful hour-long guide to planning a few days in New Orleans.

And then, in discussing that podcast and my trip, I realized I had created a travel tips podcast of mine own. I hope you find it helpful.

Apologies for an error in my utterances. I promised I would reveal what question I forgot to ask my last guest, José Massó, but I forgot to actually do that. What i had somehow forgotten to ask him was what advice he had, after 43 years experience, about hosting a music show, since I'm launching mine on WUMB this month. I hope to get the chance to ask him soon.


Beyond Bourbon Street podcast | #39 | "Top Ten Things to Do on Your First Trip to New Orleans"


R&B Bed and Breakfast

Spotted Cat

Cafe Negril


WWOZ-FM Music Calendar

Tom McDermott and Aurora Nealand

John Boutte

Wendell Bronius

Gregg Stafford

Chris Christy

Danny Barker Banjo and Guitar Festival

Preservation Hall - (to hear old school jazz)

Country Funk compilation

The Presbytère Museum

Musicians Village


Cochon (grilled redfish)

Buffa's Bar and Restaurant

Cherry Coffee Roasters

Loretta's Authentic Pralines



Dr. Bob Art

Studio Be

Euclid Records


Treme Coffeehouse

Louis Armstrong Park

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