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Julián Aguilar: Reporting from the Border

Juliaacuten Aguilar Reporting from the Border

Born in El Paso, Texas, Julián Aguilar is now based there as immigration and border security reporter for the Texas Tribune, a nonprofit digital media organization established in 2009. He also covers elections, politics, and drug trade, among other issues. All of his work for the Tribune requires a nuanced understanding of policy and the way it affects communities on either side of the border.

During the conversation, Aguilar described the tense atmosphere around covering a safehouse in Juarez, Mexico (0:52); detention centers in Texas and Covid-19 (9:20); Black Lives Matter in Texas (11:45); the murders at a Walmart in El Paso (14:30); and the state of journalism today (19:15). You'll also hear the host's thoughts on Independence Day (22:00).

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