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The Media Narrative podcast features interviews with media makers and influencers who are leading the public conversation on a range of subjects. You'll learn about how these innovators accomplish their work and how they see the world.

updated: 2 years ago

podcast : 7 | Steve Morse : May 18, 2018

Steve Morse has interviewed and written about some of the biggest names in music, including Bob Marley, Bono, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. In this episode, the Boston Globe rock critic talks about the highlights of his decades-long career.

podcast : 6 | Beth Schwartzapfel : May 11, 2018

Marshall Project staff writer Beth Schwartzapfel has been covering the criminal justice system for more than a decade, with an emphasis on telling the human stories of prisoners that are often overlooked.

podcast : 5 | Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich : May 4, 2018

In a conversation about her book, The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich discusses how writing about the case of a convicted pedophile and murderer compelled her to reexamine her assessments of the legal system and her memories of abuse in her family.

podcast : 3 | Doug Glanville : April 27, 2018

NBC Sports Chicago multimedia baseball analyst, New York Times columnist, and former major league baseball player Doug Glanville has broken new ground as a retired athlete working at the highest levels of the media world. In this episode, he talks about his work in both sports and as a writer.

podcast : 2 | Julie Shapiro : April 27, 2018

As a master of making narrative audio, Radiotopia executive producer Julie Shapiro talks about podcasting as an art form as serious as any other. She talks about how her podcast network does the work and offers insights on the future of the industry.

podcast : 4 | Billy Bragg : April 27, 2018

During a conversation just after releasing a book about skiffle, singer-songwriter Billy Bragg talked about the role of musicians during troubled times and why his best songs connect with audiences.