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The Media Narrative podcast features interviews with media makers and influencers who are leading the public conversation on a range of subjects. You'll learn about how these innovators accomplish their work and how they see the world.

updated: 2 years ago

podcast : 17 | Rick Berlin : September 29, 2018

Pianist and songwriter Rick Berlin's new memoir on Cutlass Press tells the story of a man whose near breakthrough to rock stardom led to him to Boston, where he has become not only one of the city's most enduring artists, but a huge connector and supporter of its people.

podcast : 16 | Mu-Chieh Yun and Iliana Panameño : September 14, 2018

Mu-Chieh Yun and Iliana Panameño founded We, Ceremony in 2015, a digital storytelling platform that celebrates and empowers other women of color. Since launching, We Ceremony has featured dozens of women through profiles and interviews, fostered a robust social media presence, published an ebook, and hosted a series of public forums.

podcast : 15 | Hal Brooks : August 31, 2018

Hal Brooks is a theater director with a passion for new plays. He's worked closely with a long list of acclaimed playwrights and actors, and believes strongly in the theater's role in shaping narrative and commentary around what's happening in contemporary society.

podcast : 14 | Nona Hendryx : August 17, 2018

The songwriter, performer, and multifaceted artist Nona Hendryx refers to herself as a "grazer." She says this because her wide-ranging interests in music taste and technology are also characteristic of her approach to art and life in general.

podcast : 13 | Family Questions, Podcast Movement : July 30, 2018

A solo episode with highlights from the Podcast Movement conference, goals for podcasting, and a personal story that led directly to a career path of journalism, communications, and podcasting.

podcast : 12 | Carolyn Wilkins : July 13, 2018

When jazz pianist Carolyn Wilkins began researching her family history, she made a series of revelatory discoveries, including the reasons behind her grandfather's departure from a high-ranking government job and the story of an ancestor who was born a slave.

podcast : 11 | Ryan H. Walsh : June 29, 2018

Ryan H. Walsh's new book not only tells the Boston story behind Van Morrison's Astral Weeks, it weaves in several connecting narratives and characters. Walsh, a musician himself, talks about his exhaustive process of researching, reporting, and writing for Astral Weeks: A Secret History of 1968.

podcast : 9-10 |Julio Ricardo Varela : June 15, 2018

Digital news pioneer Julio Ricardo Varela has been an innovator in publishing journalism from a Latino point of view, and is currently cohost, with Maria Hinojosa, of the In the Thick podcast.

podcast : 8 | Adam and Arlie Hochschild : June 1, 2018

After meeting in 1960, Adam and Arlie Hochschild bonded around common ideals and activism, beginning a partnership that led to marriage, family, and, so far, a combined total of nearly 20 books. Their most recent—Arlie's Strangers in Their Own Land and Adam's Spain in Our Hearts—are must-reads for today's political watchers.

podcast : 7 | Steve Morse : May 18, 2018

Steve Morse has interviewed and written about some of the biggest names in music, including Bob Marley, Bono, Madonna and Bruce Springsteen. In this episode, the Boston Globe rock critic talks about the highlights of his decades-long career.

podcast : 6 | Beth Schwartzapfel : May 11, 2018

Marshall Project staff writer Beth Schwartzapfel has been covering the criminal justice system for more than a decade, with an emphasis on telling the human stories of prisoners that are often overlooked.

podcast : 5 | Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich : May 4, 2018

In a conversation about her book, The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir, Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich discusses how writing about the case of a convicted pedophile and murderer compelled her to reexamine her assessments of the legal system and her memories of abuse in her family.