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The Media Narrative


The Media Narrative podcast features interviews with media makers and influencers who are leading the public conversation on a range of subjects. You'll learn about how these innovators accomplish their work and how they see the world.

updated: 5 years ago

podcast : Looking for Positives : November 1, 2020

Some thoughts on problems and positives, as we head into the election.

podcast : When Philly Dropped the Bomb : August 19, 2020

On the 1985 day when Philadelphia killed 11 residents and destroyed 61 homes, journalist Linn Washington was on the scene for nearly 24 hours. He talks about the challenges of reporting on that horrific day and the reverberations today.

podcast : Covering the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery : August 2, 2020

A local police reporter in coastal Georgia talks about the challenges of covering the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

podcast : Land-Grab Universities : July 17, 2020

Dozens of U.S. colleges benefited from land "seized or stolen or otherwise leveraged from indigenous tribes," says historian Bobby Lee. Lee and Tristan Ahtone talk about their High Country News story.

podcast : Lede New Orleans: Newsroom Equity : July 11, 2020

In New Orleans, the diversity of the city has never manifested in diversity in the city's newsrooms. Jen Larino and E'Jaaz Mason founded Lede New Orleans to change that trend.

podcast : Julián Aguilar: Reporting from the Border : July 3, 2020

An El Paso-based reporter reflects on the challenges of covering immigration, border security, voting, and politics at the Texas - Mexico line.

podcast : Season 3 Trailer: Local News : June 26, 2020

The podcast returns with a focus on local, community, and nonprofit news. This episode provides a quick preview, along with clips featuring reporters from New Orleans and Texas.

podcast : 40 | Jim Infantino : December 28, 2019

Novelist, songwriter, and web design entrepeneur Jim Infantino talks about mixing utopia and dystopia in his science fiction, the realities of a music career, and living a creative life.

podcast : 39 | Pooja Agarwal : December 9, 2019

Pooja K. Agarwal, Ph.D. is a cognitive scientist and author whose new book distills key education research designed to help teachers and students alike. The best teaching is about getting students to remember and retrieve information and ideas, not ramming them into their brains, Agarwal says.

podcast : 38 | Charles Giuliano : October 30, 2019

Journalist, music critic, and artist Charles Giuliano's new book is an oral history of the late 1960s counterculture in Boston. In this episode, Giuliano touches on a range of topics, including media, music, Facebook, and the cost of higher education.

podcast : 37 | Rona Elliot : October 4, 2019

Former NBC Today Show music journalist Rona Elliot talks about overcoming barriers she faced as a woman and about her mid-1980s battles with network bosses who didn't believe audiences were interested in interviews with rock stars.

podcast : The Media Narrative Joins the Climate Strike : September 20, 2019

We are following the lead of hard-charging young climate activists in this episode.