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Be Brave and Voice Your Opinion

Be Brave and Voice Your Opinion

Photo by Chaz McGregor on Unsplash

Think you go to a lot of concerts? You don’t. Steve Morse did. When Morse was senior pop critic for the Boston Globe beginning in the 1970s, he went to about 250 concerts per year for 30 years.

As a journalist—and fan—Morse witnessed some of rock history’s most transcendent moments, including the Rolling Stones at London’s Hyde Park in 1969, a young Tom Petty at Boston’s tiny Jazz Workshop in 1976, and Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985.

He also interviewed many of the biggest names in modern music—several on multiple occasions, including Bob Marley, Bono, Keith Richards, Bonnie Raitt, Jerry Garcia, Muddy Waters, Little Richard, Madonna, and Eddie Vedder.

Morse invited me to his home a few weeks ago to talk about his career for my podcast, the Media Narrative, and, mixed among his memories of the great shows and interviews were some pieces of advice for aspiring music writers.

A few of his key points are below. Click through to the full post on Medium for more.

  • Don't treat superstars like superstars.
  • Voice your opinion like an umpire.
  • Retain your love of music.

Read the full post, "Writing Tips from a Music Journalism Legend."

updated: 4 years ago