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The Media Narrative is the culmination of Rob Hochschild's 30 years of experience in several media professions. It serves as a resource for a range of people, from those who seek well-crafted stories to media people looking to learn about what others are up to. Hochschild began his career in the 1980s, in smoke-filled newsrooms and radio stations where reporters edited audio by cutting tape with a razor blade.

As a result, The Media Narrative blog and podcast are as informed by time-tested, old-world methods as they are by Hochschild's more recent experiences managing websites and producing digital content. It was founded in 2017, at a media-saturated moment, to address the opportunities and challenges in front of us and ahead. Read Rob Hochschild's full bio...

Outside Media Work


Hochschild is a regular music commentator for WGBH-FM in Boston. Recent appearances:

Berklee College of Music
A staff or faculty member at Berklee since 1992, Hochschild has written features, conducted interviews, posted blogs, and hosted or produced podcasts and video.

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