The Media Narrative

About the Media Narrative

Whether you consider yourself a media nerd or an everyday consumer, you're up to your eyeballs and ears in the tsunami of information rushing around these days. You live for the latest, but you're tired of sifting great from garbage and having a hard time focusing on the issues and ideas that matter most.

The Media Narrative podcast is here to help. It launched in 2018 to give listeners a chance to hear media makers and influencers unpack the stories they’ve lived and told, talk about how they think and work, and share ideas about how to be a smarter media maker and consumer.

The podcast is hosted by Rob Hochschild—who has 30 years of experience in several media professions and has interviewed a range of notables, from Jimmy Page to John Kerry. Informed as much by Hochschild's early days in smoke-filled newsrooms to more recent work producing digital content, the show aims to addresses the opportunities and challeneges of this media-satured moment.

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updated: 2 months ago